Create your own zero-config boilerplate easily.

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File Operations

Easy file operations between your boilerplate node.js module and target module.


Ideal for postinstall scripts.

No Need to Eject

Just update your module to update all configuration and files in target module.

Create a postinstall script

Copy config files from your module to target module, introspect and update configurations, install additional modules...

const targetModule = intermodular.targetModule;
const packageJson = targetModule.getDataFileSync("package.json"); // `DataFile` instance

// Copy all config files from `.../your-module/common-config/` to `.../target-module/` (root).
intermodular.copySync("common-config", ".");
targetModule.executeSync("rm", ["-rf", "dist"]);
packageJson.set("description", `My awesome ${targetModule.name}`, { ifNotExists: true });

if (intermodular.targetModule.isTypeScript) {
  intermodular.copySync("config/tsconfig.json", ".");